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Happily watching the pretty men do it

Being a little trashy's not a crime, is it?

"I dont believe in beautiful mistakes
every turn of fate is on the take
another turn or second chance goes by
every wrong turn comes an eye to eye" -- Howie Day, "This Time Around"

anime, aragorn, archery, art, balian, bdsm, beaches, bellies, bells, bellydancing, biceps, bisexuality, biting, bodhi, bodhisattva, books, brad pitt, breasts, buddhism, candles, chopsticks, codes, computers, corsets, crouching tiger hidden dragon, dancing, david bowie, daydreaming, destin, dreams, elijah wood, elves, elvish, eric bana, fanfiction, fantasizing, fantasy, feminism, fetish, fics, fine elven arse, foreign languages, forests, gay rights, gypsies, half moon bay, hardcore, het, history, hugh jackman, insanity, insomnia, internet, ireland, johnny depp, kate bush, kingdom of heaven, kink, kmfdm, knife throwing, lace, languages, legolas, licking, lips, lord of the rings, lotr, love & rockets, lust, magic, mansex, massage, medieval, men in armour, middle earth, movies, muscles, music, mysteries, nature, nine inch nails, nipples, nudes, orlando bloom, orlando/viggo, painted desert, pecs, philadelphia, photography, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, queer as folk, quenya, reading, redheads, rimming, rivendell, road trips, roleplay, san francisco, scented oils, sean bean, seashores, secret identities, secrets, sensuality, sex, sexuality, shameless hussies, shawshank redemption, shibari, sinead o'connor, skirts, slash, smitten kitten, smut, sociology, softcore, staind, stories, subtitled films, swords, symbolism, tattoos, tevas, the cult, the ocean, the the, thighs, tool, traveling, troy, video games, viggo mortensen, viggo/orlando, viggorli, voyeurism, walking barefoot, will turner, women, writing, xena